Miriam Ekiudoko - president


Miriam is an independent expert, consultant, trainer, human- and civil rights activist.


Her academic background includes: Qualified interpreter and translator, International studies expert and National defense and security policy analyst.

She conducts trainings, delivers lectures and speeches, hosts and facilitates events, workshops and conferences on a regular basis.


Her fields of expertise include Human and civil rights, People of African Descent, Africana studies (history, culture, arts and heritage), Jewish culture, heritage and history, Diasporas, Social equity and inclusion, Combating racism, xenophobia, Antisemitism and related intolerance, Hate violence, hate crime , Domestic violence, Child and sexual abuse, FGM, Gender, Protection of vulnerable groups, Cross-cultural communication, Intercultural and post-conflict dialogue, Project development and management, Asylum, Migration, Integration, International Development and cooperation, Media, Trainings, Communication, Capacity building.


She is the founder and president of Ebony African Cultural, Arts and Human Rights Organization since 2002, co-chair of the Hungarian African Platform, board member of the Pan-African Women’s Liberation and Advancement Organization, member of the board of advisers in the Africa-Europe Development Platform, permanent member of Steering Committee for People of African Descent in the European Network Against Racism, permanent expert in the Working group against hate crime in Hungary, member of the European Integration Forum and the European Migration Forum, the European Network of People of African Descent, the Global African and Diaspora Leadership Teleforum.