Project: Establishing a non-stop emergency hotline for the members of the African Diaspora that can be called for free, in case of crisis situations, such as being attacked, assaulted or victimized, being mistreated by the police, immigration office or other authorities, in case of losing documents, etc.

Description: The "front office" of the hotline works with several volunteering phone operators. The operators work on regular shifts organized by a coordinator. Their duties are answering emergency phone calls, documenting each call and situation reported, giving advice and relevant contact information, and if needed acting instantly, according to the seriousness of the situation.


Project: Legal assistance service

Description: Free legal advice two times a week - 2-3 hours - Africans, especially newcomers are repeatedly misled, deceived, used and frustrated by false information, lack of help and ignorance. Migrant cases, acquiring legal status, such as asylum seeking, applying for resident permits, work permits; family visas are often rejected as a result of the applicant's lack of appropriate information.

Non-stop, free legal assistance in emergency cases - this service is rendered to those who are being attacked, assaulted or victimized, being mistreated, arrested or detained by the police, immigration office or other authorities, being openly discriminated against or being deliberately deprived from practicing their human or civil rights. It is directly linked to the emergency hotline and includes immediate action of our volunteering lawyers upon call, meaning going to police stations, immigration offices, jails, the airport, etc.

As a part of the project, a working group to prepare enlightening, educational materials, brochures and workshops on human and civil rights, official reports to local and international organizations will be set up.


Project: Transform your differences into your strength!

This complex project comprises of helping individuals and different kinds of family units to understand and accept their distinctive identities, to realize how common multicultural and multiracial identity is in our modern world, and be able to use the cultural differences they happen to live with, in a productive way through counseling, workshops and publishing brochures, essays and articles. The project includes counseling for mixed couples in order to be able to overcome and accept their differences, for single Hungarian parents with Afro-Hungarian children to understand the importance of teaching their children, or at least giving them the chance to learn about African heritage and how to understand their identities. It also includes counseling for Afro-Hungarian children from a very early age, and young adults, helping them to recognize and accept their often dual identities as a sole unit.


Project: VOICE OF AFRICA ? African Radio Programs in Civil Radio (biweekly)

and Tilos Radio (from 3rd April, every second Saturday from 10:30 to 11:30 am)

The regularly aired programs comprise of music, news and several topics including politics, economy, country introduction, African recipes, quiz, introduction of new books, films, CD-s, upcoming events.

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