About Ebony African Cultural, Arts and Human Rights Organization



Ebony is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization which was established in Hungary originally in 2003 and was relaunched in January 2010.

Ebony provides a platform that enables the African Diaspora in Hungary to connect more closely, to be able to act as a collective force, pool their resources and proactively undertake initiatives for the promotion of African heritage, culture and universal values such as human and civil rights.

Ebony encompasses a wide range of activities on the fields of Culture, Arts, Community Building, Social and Human Services, Human and Civil Rights, Fighting racism and discrimination, Development and Co-operation projects.

It also functions as an intellectual workshop for studying, researching, teaching, fostering and spreading the cultural heritage and legacy of the African communities worldwide, and to promote human rights and being proactive in human rights challenges.


The Primary Aims of Ebony African Organization:

-To unite the African Diaspora and its Organizations in Hungary and Europe in general.

-To enhance the integration of Africans into the Hungarian society.

-To help Hungarians to accept and acquaint with Africans, creating more awareness about the values and diversity of Africa.

-To foster and popularize African culture, arts and heritage.

-To promote the campaign for Human and Civil Rights.

-To fight racism, discrimination, and to promote tolerance and understanding between people.

-To participate in, and initiate international projects that endorse sustainable development in regions that are in need.

-To bring an African Cultural- and Community Center into existence to accommodate these objectives.



Based on our founding principles, we are dedicated to carry out a large scale of activities.

These include cultural events like festivals, exhibitions and workshops.

-Involvement in the media, such as magazines, radio, television programs.

-Educational activities

-Community building, like bringing the African Diaspora in Hungary together through organizing regular meetings, working groups, creating awareness about actual issues, circulating newsletters, bulletins, providing social and human services, and uniting initiatives and organizations related to Africa.

-Representing the interest of the members of the African Community in Hungary.

-Networking, establishing and tightening relations with Hungarian and International cultural, social, human rights and cooperation and development organizations.

-Bridging, specifically enhancing Hungarian-African relations, embracing the integration of Africans - and other foreigners - living in Hungary.

-Advocacy, for instance human-, minority- and civil rights services and projects, providing legal assistance, improving the living conditions of migrants and refugees.

-Development and cooperation projects in developing countries. Benefit concerts, fundraising for deprived groups and underdeveloped areas, volunteer projects to the certain areas.

-Environmental and wild life projects and publications.